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Professional flamenco and classical guitarist, his work as a musical director, composer and arranger has led him to perform in more than 20 countries within diverse projects ranging from flamenco, in its variety of expressions, to Latin American music, electronic music, classical music, world music and jazz among others. He has been recognized with 8 international prizes as guitarist and composer.

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Specialized press highlights his outstanding qualities to include such a variety of musical styles in his repertoire with total mastery and virtuosity, "A guitar concert" is a very different experience for the audience when he is on stage".  

"His aesthetic taste is very wide, capable to interpret and compose different pieces that might at first seem not related but that are part of his global musical sense. In this new "Solo" album we can feel Manuel`s musical world. Music with capital letters...  flamenco, classical and jazz with certain Andalusian influence, also rescuing composers such as Enrico Panza and Jose Mora which give roundness to his proposal. A cd to enjoy without labels, only through the senses and taste." José Antonio Rodríguez

“He`s highly creative and full of imagination. Presents a fluid and brave eclecticism envolved by his virtuosity  not only through the modern flamenco but also via the classical and latin american guitar, demonstrating an impressive musical range." Jorge Strunz.

"Every time I listen to a guitar album I want to know in which direction the artist wants to walk through, recording a guitar cd using the Spanish guitar is a real challenge for its uniqueness. The technique should be practically perfect to run all the techniques required, Arpeggios, thumb (Alzapua), scales (picados), etc. Now, after transmitting harmonies that excite and enrich our hearts,  Manuel clearly fulfils the objective since he has succeeded in combining different musical disciplines with total success, he gives us classical guitar pieces such as "Asturias", "Recuerdos de la Alhambra" and Flamenco ones through the form of “palos”, like "Alegrias”, "bulerías" and also some Flamenco-Latin-Jazz moments. I hope Manuel could find his path within the guitar`s world, and for that reason, I wish him great successes." Pedro Sierra, guitarist, performer, producer and Flamenco. 

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 With more than 15 years of experience offering individual classes, workshops and master classes through a large number of countries Manuel has developed a system based on theoretical basis-backed by his academic backgorund -to facilitate the understanding of the multiple disciplines envolving the guitar world, not only focused on the flamenco guitar speciality but applied to the generality of the guitar as an instrument and easily adaptable to all kinds of levels.

Student's Comments

"Manuel is a rare find in the world of guitar teachers. He not only knows how to capture the essence and the details of Flamenco and clearly transmit it to his students, but also manages to teach the guitar as a musical instrument through his deep and profound knowledge of how music works. As a performer Manuel also inspires his audience with his unique touch and his exceptional composition skills. Anyone looking for a serious and dedicated teacher need not look any further!"

"Manuel teaches me from the fingertip to my head what it needs to play the guitar well. He helped me to open the door towards flamenco and the universal language of music."

"Manuel Montero ha sido una de las mejores opciones que he encontrado para estudiar. Además de ser un gran guitarrista, demuestra su profesionalismo y compromiso en cada clase. Su experiencia académica en combinación con lo sensorial e intuitivo que posee, hace que el flamenco deje de ser tan lejano y abstracto. "

"Da anni mi sono appassionato del flamenco ed ho studiato in Spagna con musicisti di alto livello, ma non è stato sempre facile apprendere i “segreti del flamenco”, perché non tutti i bravi musicisti sanno essere anche bravi insegnanti. Posso quindi dire con sincerità che, l’esperienza di studio con il maestro Manuel Montero, è da considerarsi come una grande opportunità di arricchimento per tutti i livelli, sia principianti che professionisti. Ho avuto la fortuna di studiare con lui e, quello che più mi ha colpito, sono la sua profonda competenza della materia e la grande generosità nel trasmetterla a chi vuole imparare sul serio. Lo consiglio vivamente a tutti. "

"Manuel is an amazing teacher. Apart from being one of the best flamenco guitarists, he is very knowledgeable in the guitar and music in general and has clear and organized ways of communicating the most complex subjects. He opened my mind to new ideas in the guitar - I recommend him as a teacher with all my heart."

"Manuel es un profesor muy atento y te saca el mejor guitarrista que llevas dentro. Son clases muy estructuradas con un enfoque técnico y teórico que te permiten entender mejor el instrumento. Sea por Skype o cara a cara se aprovecha al máximo el tiempo y cualquier duda que surja fuera de clase te la resuelve por mensaje o teléfono."

"Llegué a Manuel por recomendación de Tino Van Der Sman, el avance ha sido increíble, por fin encontré un buen profesor, un profesor de guitarra de verdad, se adapta a tus necesidades y sabe los que necesitas, armonía, interpretación, técnica... Es disciplinado y formal. Gracias Manuel un lujazo que estés tan cercano."

"La metodología que lleva a cabo Manuel, supone una enseñanza que abarca en profundidad el estudio de la armonía y la técnica, a través de sus estudios dedicados a las diferentes técnicas de guitarra flamenca, consiguiendo unos sólidos cimientos para que el alumno, a corto-medio plazo, tenga la seguridad de saber el qué, el cómo y el porqué de lo que está haciendo dejando que desarrolle su propio sonido y guiando en todo momento el aprendizaje de una manera realista, respetuosa, humilde pero con una sabiduría increíble. Asimismo, Manuel Montero siempre corrige al alumno sobre un trabajo previo de este último, es decir, la evolución es supervisada, pero el compromiso y la motivación debe ser mutua. Respecto a los estudios he de decir como alumno que, además de estar pensados para la evolución técnica, armónicamente son muy bonitos e interesantes por lo que se trabaja la técnica en cuestión, la mezcla de todas o algunas de ellas, así como el aspecto muchas veces olvidados en la guitarra flamenca referido a la importancia de la mano izquierda, el conocimiento del mástil y de la digitación. Por lo tanto, en mi opinión, Manuel Montero es uno de los mejores maestros que conozco. Sabe dar las respuestas a todas las dudas de una manera teórico-práctica, no sólo sabe enseñar, sino que se percibe que le apasiona y además son clases individualizadas adaptadas al nivel del alumno con una relación cercana, con posibilidad de incluso dar las clases por Skype. En mi caso, gracias a él, entre otras cosas, he sido capaz de corregir todos los vicios que tenía adquiridos con él y además he logrado cosas tan valiosas como leer partitura, mejora el sonido en cuanto a fuerza, limpieza y resistencia, evolucionando en poco tiempo. "

"I have a long history of searching for a well-rounded mentor and that searching has met heartfelt gratitude now having found such a mentor in Manuel, he is a professional, a teacher and a genuinly kindharted person, is sensitive and attentive in helping students play in a way that works best for the individual, havig his personality as a musician he meets their students where they are at and explores what each person brings to the table. Offers a clear structure for learning: technique/estudios , harmony and repertoire. He offers relevant direction, process and reflection.deeply cares for his students’ musical evolution. He can be direct and firm with his methods or expectations and at the same time he carries himself with empathy and acknowledges that there are rhythms of life beyond the strings. I’ve appreciated the compassion and flexibility that Manuel has offered in the face of my struggles to learn Flamenco, live abroad, and particularly work with Harmony. Manuel is not in the business of leaving his students behind (like so many institutions.), Above all, Manuel genuinely cares to share his knowledge and bring more music to the world. "

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