Manuel uses and recommends Jose Antonio Gómez and Juan Carlos Soto Guitars, for their professional work and human disposition always resulting in marvelous instruments perfectly adaptable to all requirements of each particular musician.

    The ideal guitar is that with which we feel most comfortable, many factors should be taken into accounts such as the technical and musical level since all this defines our expectations and exigencies, we need to learn to study always taking care of the sound we desire, all the greatest guitar "maestros" have developed a very personal style and a very specific sound that defines them. This comes mainly with the way we play but there is a very important factor to consider, the type and quality of the instrument we use, so how can we know whether a guitar is good or not? Well, it is a question of how much we know. The sound waves bounce inside the guitar in a different way depending on how we attack the strings, this is what technique is for, to achieve the best possible sound. but it also depends on the construction and the type of wood the guitar is made of, let me give you some basic info about this:  

    Handmade guitars are identical one to the other in the same way a chef prepares to identical meals, same quality level but never identical since there aren’t two identical trees every guitar is unique. Sound comes from two main factors as the construction and wood type.

    The main types of woods used for the construction of flamenco guitars are

1. Rib

  • Brazilian Palo Santo
  • Indian Palo Santo (better not to buy this type of wood because they are in danger of extinction!)
  • Cypress
  • Fruit trees (Walnut, Cherry, Pear)
  • Sycamore and maple

2. Top

  • German Fir
  • German Pine
  • Cedar

3. Fretboard

4. Neck

There are infinite combinations for the construction of each guitar, depending on the Luthier or the needs of the guitarist.

Many of my students have chosen their guitars through my advice, and thanks to it they have achieved great results, comfort and long-lasting motivation, it feels great to be able to help!.

If you have any doubt about buying a flamenco guitar just contact me to discuss how I can help you getting the best possible guitar for you.  

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